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The Affenpinscher

Who wants a toy dog? Everybody adores one, you know the cute way they wag their tail when running to welcome its owner, oh a sight! That is one of the reasons you can’t have enough of this terrier-looking chubby-face puppy. Highly curious, active and adventurous is the Affenpinschers. Petland is honored to offer first-class Affenpinscher puppies, and our caring team of puppy
specialists will help answer any questions you may have.

So, now that you have found the perfect dog choice, wouldn’t you like to know its parents or learn a little about its background? Sure, you will… here we go.

The Affenpinscher was originally bred to hunt rats and mice in stables. This breed eventually graduated their way into German households and were used as very loving companion dogs. They have a long history of being loyal and outgoing dogs whose popularity has spread around the globe much thanks to their many amazing attributes.

This breed is known for having a very energetic, charming, and outgoing personality. They tend to have a very warm and approachable demeanor and are fun to be around. Affenpinschers are loyal dogs that enjoy human interaction and bonding time. They make terrific family pets and do well with children in the household. They are known for their loyalty and eager to please attitude.

Affenpinschers do not shed, but they do require routine stripping so that their coat does not become too unruly or sloppy. They should be brushed two to three times a week with a short slicker brush and combed with a metal rake comb. Bathing this breed every two weeks will help allow its coat to stay clean and healthy looking. It is also important to clip this breed’s nail on a routine basis.

Affenpinschers are active dogs and do need sufficient amounts of energy to feel their best.
The correct ratio of meat-based protein and micronutrients, as well as healthy carbs and fats, will keep this breed healthy. Many Affenpinscher owners recommend feeding this breed two meals a day, spaced about twelve hours apart. It is also very important to remember to provide your dog with proper dental care. It is suggested that his teeth get cleaned a minimum of three times a week. Failing to keep his teeth clean can contribute to health issues.

The Affenpinscher stands between seven to twelve inches tall.

This breed weighs between seven and ten pounds.

The average life expectancy for this breed is between twelve years and fourteen years.

Fact: This breed is a professional rat and mouse hunter.

Fact: This breed is known to train with ease.

Fact: This breed loves exploring the great outdoors with family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not quite with small children because they are possessive of their stuff and territory.

No, they are not, because Affenpinschers are very active and stubborn, they can be difficult to house-train.

Yes, they tolerate the company of other animals 

 Yes, they can cope very well in apartments and houses too.

Yes, they need daily walking to maintain good mental and physical vigor.

Yes, they can cope well alone.

Weekly trimming is fine or in two weeks and regular brushing of the teeth and nails trimming too, especially if you have them in your apartment.

 Yes, they can cope well.

  No, they are not friendly with hot temperatures.

Yes, they are adventurous dogs and can wander off if left unattended.

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